Crafternoon- The respark of an obsession

I have always been a fan of crafts. Throughout my life I have taken sewing lessons, made jewelry, spent hours arranging perler fuse beads onto the peg board only to spill them on the way to the iron and start all over again. I have always loved the creative outlet crafts provide. My most recent obsession is card making. Lots and lots of card making. In fact my carding was growing so large we designed our dining room table around my need to make cards. (It turned out gloriously and I adore it).

At my current job I have stumbled into a nest of fellow crafters. On March 18th Laurel hosted a Crafternoon at her house. The projects of the day were baprons (baby aprons) and reusable snack packs. This day turned out to be pivotal for my crafting obsession for two reasons. The first is that it served as my introduction to pinterest. Yes, I realize I was extremely late to that party. But what I lacked in timeliness I have since made up for with enthusiasm. The second is that crafternoon reminded me that I enjoy sewing (something I hadn’t done since 8th grade) and that I am capable of sewing. It was also excellent because I ended up with a fantastic reuasable snack bag.

At crafternoon some people chose to make baprons for various baby showers they had in the near future, and some of us worked on the snack pack, all under Laurel’s guidance.

Above are photos of some work in progress, as well as a few finished and oh so cute baprons and my snack pack. Crafternoon was such a joy that I came home and bought a sewing machine three days later. I am very happy with my little Brother machine that I ordered from Amazon and have lots of projects to share with y’all!


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