More Snack Packs

I was so giddy with sewing after the first crafternoon, I ordered my Brother sewing machine and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. When it finally got here (after only a few days, Amazon is so fast) I jumped right in to sewing some more snack packs. Well, I started sewing right after a quick trip to Michaels where I picked up some thread and pins. I had remembered the big stuff, sewing machine, but not the crucial small things.  I had so enjoyed making the first snack bag , and I had all the materials cut and pinned for a second little baggie. So there I sat in the dining room with my shiny new machine and iPad opened to the tutorial. I whipped out one, then two more snack packs in quick succession that first night.

After the early success I was feeling good and decided to get a little fancy. I had pinned a tutorial about monogrammed oil cloth snack bags. I didn’t have any oil cloth, but I used her advice for how to make and sew the letter. I decided I would make 3 bags with Ks on them for myself, Kaitlyn and Kelsey and one with a J for mom. I was sailing along, feeling like a pro, so I decided to cut multiple Ks at a time, since I needed three in all. I folded the fabric over, pinned my paper K on and cut. It was only after when I had my Ks that I realized my mistake, one of them was backwards! Not one to waste fabric or time I just told myself it gave it character and used that one on my snack bag. From there I made them following the first tutorial, but made them smaller because I didn’t really need that many snacks!

Once all of them were finished I brought mom and Kait’s bags to Ireland and mailed one of the Ks to Kelsey.  I am now thoroughly hooked on sewing and think I may make a few of these little pouches for things other than snacks, like to hold the thread and bobbins I now own or to use to corral the clutter that is my purse. So many possibilities!



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