Colorful Glasses Sleeve

I have been meaning to make a glasses sleeve for my sunglasses for months. I found this fabulous tutorial on Pinterest awhile back and have been slowly gathering materials. Then just yesterday, I was pushed to the task when my adorable dog found and chewed my glasses case while we were at the Amazing Spiderman. Since there is no way I could just casually throw my glasses into my purse like my more durable sunglasses I decided it was time to try the Sweet Verbena Glasses Sleeve tutorial. I pulled out some colorful fabric I had purchased awhile ago with no real purpose for it and found a complimentary lining and got to work.

I was most excited to try the quilting because I had never quilted before. I was pleased with the results and loved the red stitching on the colorful flowers.

I liked it even better after I had trimmed the extra batting. And was able to in vision the final product.


Sweet Verbena’s instructions were incredibly easy to follow and soon I found myself the owner of a new and fabulous glasses sleeve.

The finished product complete with glasses inside the case.

I love the way the polka dot lining peeks out the top.

The glasses slide in and out with ease.

I am so thrilled with the finished product and how fast and easy it was to make I am going to make one more for my sunglasses and perhaps a couple for friends!

My glasses look so happy with their new case


Grazie! Italian Wrapping Paper Thank You Cards

My sister manages Sally Bourne Interiors, a interior design store in London, and sometimes sends me fun little wrapping paper remnants from the shop. I like to use these to make cards. Here are a number of thank you cards I made with some of the red and green paper she sent.

I used a variety of Stampin Up sets including “Art of Life” and “All the Best”. I also went back to my Portland roots and  put a bird on it with the Stampin Up bird punch. Which is one of my very favorite crafting tools. I love me some embossing so I embossed stamps and the paper on most these cards.  I am excited to make more cards with these beautiful papers!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I am aware that this is a week late. Believe it or not, I did this on purpose. I wanted to share the Mother’s Day cards I made, but didn’t want to give away the surprise. Also, mother’s are wonderful enough to celebrate everyday!



I made all of these cards with various Stampin Up stamps and punches. I didn’t have any “Mother’s Day” stamps so I thought about what the holiday meant to me and found stamps to match. I am really happy with the results. I love the gold embossed flowers and I can’t get enough of the blossom punch. I think it is so beautiful and look forward to buying some of the stamps that go with it. Most importantly I was happy to send these cards to some amazing mothers in my life. Love you mom!