Up Cycled Infinity Scarf

I had one infinity scarf and love the ease and look of it, so I was thrilled whenI found a gal on pinterest who turned a number of her regular scarves into loop scarves.
I had plenty of scarves and my new machine so I decided to give it a whirl. The first one I did was a scarf Kelsey had given to me. It was beautifully colored, but I was not fashionable enough to handle it’s large width. I decided to sew it in half width wise first. I sewed the two sides together inside out to make a long tube and then turned it right side out and sewed the ends together. It turned out better than I could imagine. I wore it the next day and know it will be great for spring, summer and fall.

I was then hooked on creating looped scarves so I turned to a lightweight polkadot one from gap that I have had for ages. Again I loved the pattern, but was never thrilled with how it wrapped.
I started by cutting the fringe off both sides and then sewed it together and zig zagged the ends. I then loved it so much I took it on the family trip Ireland. It is featured in the picture below. My mom is wearing her same Gap scarf in another color, and it has not been turned into a loop. (She is better at wrapping it than I am!)